Young Women Social Entrepreneurship

in association with British Council and Diageo Foundation, conducts training on various management and leadership skills to women of age group 18-35 in order to invigorate a feeling of becoming future social entrepreneurs. In 2014, it has trained 108 women weavers about the importance of taking responsibility through a group of master trainers and instilled a sense of ownership in them, i.e. taking responsibility of the work that they do. Some of these women after having received the Bunkar Sakhi training are now working as Bunkar Sakhis at the grassroots level.

Image result for Young Women Social EntrepreneurshipOn the lines of Young Women Social Entrepreneurship Development Program, Jaipur Rugs Foundation with the support of Jaipur Rugs Company Private Limited, started weavers’ engagement program under which it motivates the women weavers to broaden their perspective about rug weaving and to take up higher responsibilities in the rug value supply chain. This program not only focuses on informing the weavers about quality supervision, waste minimization, and error reduction but also empower them to take decisions of their own. In 2014, Jaipur Rugs Foundation trained around 800 women weavers and brought a transformation not only in their lives but also in the lives of people around them.

Bunkar Sakhi Training:

Bunkar SakhiAfter training women weavers under Young Women Social Entrepreneurship Development Programme and Weavers’ Engagement Program, Jaipur Rugs Foundation realized the need of a friend who can guide and help the women weavers to move ahead. Bunkar Sakhi, Weaver’s Companion, is Jaipur Rugs Foundation’s initiative to connect with our women weavers and develop an entrepreneurial spirit in them. They not only visit and check looms to assure the quality of the carpet but also guide our women weavers to work efficiently and effectively by developing a heart to heart connection with them. Till now, Jaipur Rugs Foundation has trained 19 Bunkar Sakhis, 10 of them are working in their respective villages.

    Artisans’ Engagement Program

Artisans engagement

For Jaipur Rugs Foundation, every artisan is an entrepreneur. Every person who is involved in making a carpet, from the very first process, i.e. yarn making till finished carpet, plays a vital role in the carpet production chain. Therefore, after weavers’ engagement program, Jaipur Rugs Foundation initiated Artisans’ Engagement Program, in which it elucidates the artisans such as spinners, wool carders, dyers about the significance of the work they are doing, acquaints them with the company for which they are working, and enlightens them on how to take ownership of the work so that they are able to work independently and with efficiency. Till now, it has provided training to around 325 spinners from 5 villages of Bikaner.


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